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List of Funded Projects

Over its 30-months project duration, EMIL is providing a total of 5.6M EUR of financial support to third parties (FSTP) to the winners of its two funding calls. The projects below have been selected in the course of an evaluation process with independent experts, advisors and the EMIL programme committee.

Call 1 – FSTP Recipients

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

With project CAPARE, we will develop and clinically validate a home-based Cueing-Assisted Personalized AR Exergaming program for improving gait and balance in people with Parkinson’s disease, exploiting AR data science to monitor their progress remotely.

IDIBAPS (Institute of Biomedical Research August Pi i Sunyer)
The project uses virtual reality to treat chronic low back pain with a personalized virtual body and a virtual physiotherapist. It will test a prototype in a clinical trial and prepare it for market.


Call 2 – FSTP Recipients


Aardman & Friends the Immersive exhibition presents an all-encompassing visual journey into the universe of Aardman Animations, bringing their cherished characters to life. Experience a novel narrative within a 360° panorama, where iconic moments from Shaun the Sheep and more unfold.

The CINEVERSE project aims for enabling film production and distribution companies to scale the industry into the interactive 3D internet era. This is done by developing online tools for creating online virtual productions.

Climate Change VR (wt) is an episodic, satirical multiplayer VR action-adventure. Work together to take down foes and solve physical puzzles, while learning about the causes of the climate crisis and sharpen your handling of misinformation.

coopXscape is an immersive XR game that improves teamwork across remote and co-located teams. It uses storytelling and play to gain deeper insights into empathic yet effective team communication and collaboration.
Metropolia UAS

GameRAT project will develop remote rehabilitation system, including XR solution for patients and web-based tools for professionals. The aim is to offer modular, scalable solutions available for rehabilitation field to improve quality of life.

GANIMATEER is an animation toolset that receives interpretable user manipulations and delivers realistic 3D character animation edits / generations.

As everyone knows, we live in an aging society. At Broomx, we want to take a step in the right direction by creating a new form of rehabilitation within elder care. Using innovative exergames, we want to revolutionize the world of senior care.

Reality Crisis


During the project we will advance our platform’s spatial awareness and develop environment sensing intelligence technologies.

SenseGlove, inspired by Rembrandt, aims to create a precise telepresence glove. The DK1, renowned for winning the Ana Avatar-X-prize, propelled telepresence with 100+ projects. Recognizing DK1’s limitations, SenseGlove focuses on a successor for telepresence, addressing a gap in European development. “Project Rembrandt” strives for a production-ready product, drawing on haptic technology prowess and insights from the University of Aalto’s wearable haptics project, poised to revolutionise telepresence in various industries.

Universidade de Vigo
The VirtualR3 project proposes a combination of cable-driven robotics (to accompany the patient’s movements) and virtual reality (interactive scenes) to set an environment for more effective, enjoyable, and motivating lower limb rehabilitation exercises.
Design Academy Eindhoven

XR-IT will support the creation of high-fidelity, real-time Networked XR environments that can be coalesced across multiple physical nodes of engagement. The toolkit will significantly simplify (in terms of both time and specialist technical knowledge required) how a node in a network can join and participate in a Networked XR collaboration scenario.

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