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Immersive spatial storytelling service to scale film into 3D web era
Arilyn is one of the global pioneers in the field of XR storytelling. Since founded in 2013 Arilyn has focused on developing technology and services that enable creating immersive and engaging extended reality experiences. We have created over 800 XR campaigns for over 500 customers in over 15 countries.

Project Objective

CINEVERSE project develops a new entertainment format to scale the movie industry into the 3D web era. The outcome is a service that allows filmmakers, production companies, streaming services and other operators to create virtual environments to expand their current stories or to create totally new ones. For the viewers these spatial narratives open an entirely new form of immersive entertainment inside a 3D space. A viewer becomes a visitor.


Early version of the concept. A 3D space with a mystery to be solved. In CINEVERSE the concept is test proofed in two pilots.
Interactive content revealed as the story builds up based on the user actions.
Free movement inside the 3D web space allow interactive narratives with immersive content.

Project Goals


Determine the optimal format for immersive XR film storytelling. This objective includes finding the most suitable content types and story guidelines and testing them in real life pilots.


Test possibilities for AI generated content creation especially as a part of dynamic immersive storytelling that adapts on users choices.


Raise awareness among the operators of the film industry about the possibilities of Immersive XR film storytelling.

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