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A toolset for fluent 3D animated character creation

Moverse is a startup committed to accelerating 3D Animation workflows by reducing the resources needed by 70-90% with an end-to-end solution. The team comprises Senior Engineers (PhDs) with a strong orientation towards deep tech business skills, with long AI experience and MoCap-related technology expertise, in R&D and startup environments alike. We have collaborated for years in numerous complex computer vision software systems and high-profile publications related to MoCap technology and data acquisition.

Project Objective

There have been several breakthroughs in learning to encode, manipulate, and generate 3D animations based on generative models. However, these breakthroughs have not been translated into concrete tools by non-AI experts. Moverse will deliver GANIMATEER, an animation toolset that will receive interpretable user manipulations and deliver realistic character animation edits/generations. It will be based on a combination of generative AI services and automatic 3D body rigging and skinning, being able to edit/generate 3D character animations.


Fully natural 3D character animations generated with AI trained with data captured with AI MoCap. A content creation workflow tool needs to enhance, accelerate and/or expand existing workflows, and thus, our methodology will seek to progressively deliver a toolset that will achieve all these goals simultaneously.
GANIMATEER will deliver an AI-based toolset that receives interpretable manipulations from the users and delivers realistic character animation edits/generations, jointly delivering control and utility back to content creators.
GANIMATEER will be based on existing MoCap systems that will fuel the AI-based tools with rich animations.

Project Goals

Due to the disconnection between transforming optical MoCap data to animations and the hand labor needed to edit the animation or incorporate a virtual body. GANIMATEER aims to implement an AI-based post-processing toolset for automating the character animation process, thus widening the spectrum of its potential users. GANIMATEER will leverage the in-house suite of AI-based character animation editing services to ultimately form a guided inversion toolset that will deliver realistic character animations based on user input.

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