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Reality Crisis


Intelligent Spatial Computing and XR development platform
Reality Crisis
Founded in 2018 in Finland, Reality Crisis specializes in immersive design, games, and XR technologies. Its core innovation is a real-time simulation engine that blends virtual content with real-world environments for interactive action sports experiences. The platform in development supports shared experiences and collaboration in virtual and physical spaces, enabling interactions across different locations, devices and demographics.

Project Objective

Leveraging AR, AI, and geolocation services to create lifelike interactions with the environment, this project aims to evolve its real-world sensing gaming platform to enhance content creation for groundbreaking XR experiences. It seeks to broaden the platform beyond sports, aiming for wider applications and enhancing the European XR ecosystem.


Heights, widths and length are measured for ledges, stairs, and grind surfaces. Distances marked for gap jumps. Spatial analysis for trick planning, optimising skate routes and maneuvers. Environment metrics for AR integration and gameplay strategy.
Trick variations, approach speed, and entry angles are suggested for each segment, enhancing the skater’s strategy for executing complex maneuvers. Skate path are determined by the surrounding environment properties.
AR skater in action, tracing the skate line with mesmerising tricks. We show detailed info tags which are displayed near the executed trick. Interactive path highlights the sequence for an immersive skateboarding experience in Skatrix experience.

Project Goals

We have laid the groundwork for the next generation of XR gaming. Our current ambition is to transform this into a platform that empowers developers to create diverse XR games and experiences. Our system, Skatrix, stands at the forefront of synchronized real-time XR experiences. The project aims to integrate AI with AR for enhanced environmental interpretation and to overlay content onto real-world geometry in a more authentic and impactful manner.

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