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Climate Change VR

Climate Change VR (wt)
Pixelcloud has been developing VR experiences and games for over 10 years, always at the cutting edge of technology and even with our own technical inventions. Our goal is to constantly explore innovative new ways of storytelling, gameplay and technology. Many of our projects combine culture and knowledge with gaming fun and an exciting story. Over the years, we have created a professional team of creative experts, who love working together in teams with scientists and journalists.

Project Objective

Climate Change VR (wt) is an episodic, satirical multiplayer VR action-adventure for the “Fortnite generation”. The players work together using their “renewable energy packs” to take down foes and solve physical puzzles while learning about the climate crisis and sharpening their handling of misinformation. With an imaginative story, light-hearted humour, and creative gameplay, we want to give players the courage and knowledge to tackle real world problems as well.


Concept art of the player with renewable energy pack


Technical prototype, solar energy lasso


Technical prototype, outside, fossil drones


Project Goals


The players travel together to the year 2123 and fight against a worldwide and “time”-wide anti-climate corporate cartel! Instead of “weapons”, players use “renewable energy packs” to disable robots and solve physics puzzles.


Players directly take up the fight together against the causes of global warming together and change our future. By that means, we want to give a young audience the courage and knowledge to tackle real world problems as well.


We will develop a full-fledged first game-episode for SteamVR Early Access with a playtime of about 45-60 minutes, which will focus on fossil energy.

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