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Collaborative XR Escape Game for Team Development
Polycular GmbH
Polycular’s work invites people to engage with pressing issues and inspires curiosity to discover, experience and play. Polycular is an award-winning game and XR technology studio that combines playful elements with storytelling and interaction to create meaningful games and XR experiences for marketing, learning and training.

Project Objective

coopXscape enhances teamwork in remote and co-located teams through immersive XR games. Leveraging storytelling and interactive play, it deepens insights into effective communication and collaboration. Designed to bridge gaps in digital collaboration, it creates engaging experiences that foster empathic understanding and practical teamwork skills. A blend of technology and creativity, coopXscape is ideal for organizations aiming to boost team dynamics in a fun, innovative way.


Game-based learning is active experimentation combined with reflection and understanding of the underlying concepts. We aim to complement the virtual experience with real-world workshops to gain a deeper insight into team communication and dynamics.
Team members working together in one location use the tablet version on site, while remote players join in using VR headsets.
Collaborate on board of an alien spaceship with your team. Use your superpowers and tools wisely to be able to escape.

Project Goals


Global Play: Immerse yourself in our Escape Scenario, with remote play and utilizing VR in addition to tablets and smartphones for remote teams everywhere.


Asymmetric Gameplay for a fresh take on team dynamics. Dive into unique roles and game dynamics to explore social interactions in a whole new light.


Virtual Agents: Negotiate as a team with an AI-powered agent.

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