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SenseGlove B.V.

SenseGlove Project Rembrandt

SenseGlove Project Rembrandt
SenseGlove, a Dutch scale-up founded in 2017, specializes in wearable haptic solutions and is set to launch its third glove, Nova 2, reinforcing its leadership in force-feedback gloves for enterprise VR training. With over 500 clients, the company operates from Delft, Netherlands, with a subsidiary in Los Angeles, USA. Their team of 40 employees is dedicated to advancing the mission of unlocking 3D digital environments through touch.

Project Objective

SenseGlove, influenced by Rembrandt, is developing a high-precision telepresence glove. The DK1, renowned for winning the Ana Avatar-X prize, marked a milestone in telepresence with 100+ projects. Addressing production limitations, SenseGlove is creating a successor, “Project Rembrandt,” targeting European development gaps. This project aspires to be a scalable telepresence solution for industries like production, military, and remote maintenance, leveraging haptic technology insights and wearability lessons from the University of Aalto’s project. poised to revolutionize telepresence across industries.


A visual prototype of an exoskeleton haptic glove, designed for manipulation with human precision of robotic hands.
Concept sketch for a exoskeleton force-feedback glove for humanoid tele-robotic control.
SenseGlove DK1 exoskeleton in use controlling the ICub robot hand from the Italian Institute of Technology.

Project Goals

SenseGlove is embarking on a project to develop a high-precision telepresence glove with a production-ready prototype. Derived from extensive client interviews, the key requirements include mm-precise fingertip position measurement, active force-feedback with pressure sensing, and user-friendly functionality. The overarching aim is to maintain a list price below EUR 10K for the entire system.



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