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Call-1 Projects Selected

It is our pleasure to announce the successful applicants of our first FSTP funding round.

We received 92 applications from 20 countries, as illustrated above. These applications were reviewed by 52 independent experts. During a rigorous evaluation process, 27 applications were found to be non-compliant (29%), e.g. not addressing the required TRL levels. 50 applications were scored below the minimum funding threshold of 15 out of 25 points (54%). 12 applications scored above the threshold but were not among the top-ranking applications (13%).

The first call will fund three projects:
  1. XR-PAIN: eXtended Reality-Assisted Therapy for Chronic Pain Management” by Fundació de Recerca Clínic Barcelona – Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (FRCB-IDIBAPS), Spain, EUR 393,797
  2. Haptics Innovation for Performing Arts (HIPeA)” by the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland, EUR 338,318
  3. Project CAPARE: Cueing-Assisted Personalised Augmented-Reality Exergaming for Parkinson’s rehabilitation” by VU Foundation (VU University Amsterdam), Netherlands, EUR 499,999

The call received many good-looking proposals that didn’t explain how the project was on (Technology) Readiness Level ((T)RL4 and how it during the project’s 15 months will receive  (T)RL8.

The selection process included EMIL Programme Committee’s (PC) first evaluation that included among others (T)RL checks, which revealed that this requirement was too often omitted (29%).  

Secondly, the proposals were evaluated by three Independent Expert Panel (IEP) members who ranked them, and then they were modified by the Programme Committee. The PC proposed a list of proposals and the applicants’ financial viability was checked. 

In the second call will only two IEP members evaluate the proposals. Otherwise, the process will be quite similar. If you are planning to apply in the second call (that is now open and will end 14 Aug 2023!) please pay attention to (T)RLs, budget (your business must be big enough to run a 500 k€ project), and follow the instructions and budget categories. 

Congratulations to the successful applicants of the first round! The EMIL team is looking forward to working with you. If your application was unsuccessful on this occasion, please consider applying for our second funding round.

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