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Narrative Location Based Experience: Fate Of The Minotaur Trailer

The R&D team at the Animationsinstitut proudly presents the first official trailer for ‘Fate of the Minotaur’, the immersive, location-based experience developed within EMIL. As we approach the midpoint of our EMIL Lighthouse project at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, we’re happy to share another glimpse into our work for this virtual journey into Greek mythology.

In ‘Fate of the Minotaur’ players take on the role of human sacrifices from Athens, venturing into the Minotaur’s labyrinth under King Minos’ orders. They’ll uncover the tragic family tale and face themes of guilt and empathy in the ancient myth. Encountering Pasiphae, the protective mother, and Ariadne, the advocate for destruction, players navigate moral decisions challenging the perception of heroism. 

Our approach allows for different immersive scale levels, adapting to technical and physical limitations of the location. With a nod to ancient artistry in Greek murals and pottery, the stylized visuals offer an energy-efficient, accessible experience for up to four players.

You can meet our team at this year’s FMX in Stuttgart and step into the labyrinth yourself. Meet the Minotaur and experience the world of EMIL first-hand.

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