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European Media and Immersion Lab (EMIL) Funds Groundbreaking eXtended Reality Initiatives.

The European Media and Immersion Lab (EMIL) has announced the beneficiaries of its second call for proposals, awarding a staggering 4.6 million euros to spearhead 12 innovative XR (extended reality) projects across Europe. This substantial financial injection aims to propel the development of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies, fostering the growth of immersive content, services, and applications throughout the continent.

EMIL, serving as a pivotal pan-European network of XR labs, operates with the overarching goal of accelerating the evolution and utilization of immersive technologies across various sectors. This initiative, launched through two open calls for proposals within the European Union, garnered significant interest and support from companies and organizations.

In total, EMIL had allocated 5.6 million euros in financial support for third-party projects, marking a concerted effort to bolster the XR landscape within Europe. The first call resulted in the selection of two promising projects, whereas the subsequent second call elevated 12 initiatives to the fore, securing vital funding to drive their vision forward.

The selected projects cover a diverse spectrum of applications within the XR domain, encompassing fields such as education, healthcare, entertainment, and industrial innovation. The substantial financial backing provided by EMIL signifies not only a commitment to technological advancement but also a dedication to fostering collaborative endeavors that push the boundaries of immersive experiences.

The chosen projects highlight their potential to revolutionise industries and create new paradigms for immersive interaction within the European landscape. The caliber and diversity of the projects selected in this call underscore the vitality of the XR ecosystem across Europe. EMIL is excited to support these innovative ventures, fostering content and technical innovation and unlocking new possibilities within the realm of extended reality.

The 12 selected projects stand as testaments to the dynamism and creativity within the European XR community. With EMIL’s substantial financial backing, these initiatives are poised to make significant strides, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable within virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies.

As the XR landscape continues to evolve, EMIL remains committed to nurturing and propelling innovative projects that have the potential to reshape industries and redefine human interaction with technology.

The EMIL initiative extends congratulations to the selected projects and eagerly anticipates the transformative impact they will impart on the XR landscape across Europe.

The selected projects of the second call:


Name of the project Organisation Country Budget    
GANIMATEER: A toolset for fluent 3D animated character creation MOVERSEP.C. EL 278 125
E.V.I.L. – Climate Change VR Pixelcloud GmbH&Co.KG DE 398 918
Immersive Exergames for Rehabilitation Care in Elderly Populations – IERCEP BROOMX TECHNOLOGIES S.L. ES 376 250
Aardman & Friends’ The Immersive Exhibition AtlasV FR 499 000
CINEVERSE Arilyn Oy FI 357 656
XR-IT (eXtended Reality – Intraverse Tookit) Design Academy Eindhoven NL 448 365
coopXscape: Collaborative XR Escape Game for Team Development Polycular GmbH AT 393 016
SenseGlove Project Rembrandt SenseGlove B.V. NL 428 301
Making Local Heritage Accessible Through Next-Gen Content and Device Compatibility Vreal Oy Fi 238 875
VirtualR3: Virtual Reality in Robotic movements assistance for Rehabilitation University of Vigo ES 268 400
Intelligent Spatial Computing and XR development platform – iXR Reality Crisis Oy FI 449 063
Gamified Joint Rehabilitation and Training Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy Fi 471 438
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