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Home News Lighthouse Spotlight: Narrative Location Based Experience at Filmakademie

Lighthouse Spotlight: Narrative Location Based Experience at Filmakademie

The first round of applications has come to an end and we’re delighted about all the great applications! We are also excited about the next steps with our partners and the involved external third parties. In the meantime, we want to take the opportunity to present our very own Lighthouse Project within EMIL with the working title “MinoXR”. Find out more about the project in our Spotlight clip!

Filmakademie’s project aims at developing a narrative location-based experience (LBX) that enables its users to immerse into the realms of Greek mythology and travel back in time via cutting-edge XR-technology. Our overarching goal is to push existing boundaries and make immersive experiences more accessible to a wider public by further optimizing it for mobile VR devices, which are easy to set up in locations like museums, galleries and theme parks. The ideal is to have the experience run on mobile hardware, since it is much more affordable, less power-consuming, more widespread and easier to set up than PCVR gaming.

By addressing existing obstacles, “MinoXR” can not only shape the future of VR-gaming, but also open up new possibilities in political, historical and other types of education.

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