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Funding opportunity for EMIL

Let’s continue pushing boundaries with innovative XR projects – together!

With momentum and valuable insights gained from FMX – Film & Media Exchange 2024, EMIL enters the final third of its EU-funded project. With 13 projects currently funded through EU open calls and four Lighthouse projects, we’re dedicated to remain a hub for innovative XR projects beyond the official funding period (ending in early 2025).
We’re actively seeking opportunities to sustain EMIL and its funding scheme for third-party projects.

Reach out to OPPORTUNITY@EMIL-XR.EU and benefit from:

✅ Early access to innovation and potential patents/licenses

✅ Expert network and potential customer access

✅ Influential policy-making in the European XR landscape

✅ Potential large-scale beta testing for upcoming XR hardware, systems & platforms

✅ Access to unconventional XR ideas

From start-ups to established companies, we aim to create fair chances to shape the future of technology – safely, sustainably and with greater connectivity for the greater good.

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